Best Wedding Suits For Grooms

The wedding day should be something to remember! Everything down to the small details. The attire is no exception. It can make you look good and set the tone for your big day.
Choosing the right suit for the D-Day may seem like an easy decision, but it’s not! Wearing the wrong wedding dress can ruin your special day and leave you feeling overwhelmed and disheartened. Weddings are usually the biggest and most important days of your lives, and you must look your absolute best.

There are many different wedding suit options available for grooms; choosing a perfect suit can be a tough call! The groom suit, just like the wedding gown, will always be a reminder of the most beautiful day of your life. Also, this is the perfect chance to woo your future wife with the most dapper outfit you have ever worn.
A perfect-fitting groom suit will give you the much-needed confidence to tie the knot with the woman of your dreams and be with her for the rest of your life!
A lot of thinking needs to be put in before finalising the perfect wedding suit for your special day. There are few important considerations, such as the time of year you will be getting married, expected temperatures, the wedding venue etc. needs to be taken care of.
Here is a classification of different groom suit types. Hopefully, this will help you narrow down your search for the type of suit you should buy for your big day.


  • Tuxedos

A tuxedo is a classic choice for a formal and sophisticated wedding. Tuxedos are traditional yet timeless attire for men. They look great when paired with a bow tie (even with a classic tie).

A perfectly fitted black/navy-blue satin tuxedo will surely catch all the attention (after the bride’s gown!)

  • Tailcoats

A Black tailcoat is super formal and is a perfect choice for a ‘high-profile’ formal wedding. A tailcoat is usually paired with slim-fit pants, a jacket, a tie, and a white crisp shirt.

Nothing can beat a classic black and white three-piece suit. It’s old school charm and elegant aesthetics makes it one of the best groom suits in the business! With such a suit, the only thing you need to do is make sure is the fitting of the attire and with that perfect fit, 90% of the battle is won. To add formal touches a bow or an elegant tie is good to go with.


  • Beach wedding suits

A Beach wedding is fun and relaxing. Due to heat and humidity, beach wedding suits need to be lightweight and breathable. This is the time when you can opt for a suit with or without a jacket.

For a daytime wedding at an exotic beach, you need to focus on light and medium color lunge suits. They can be worn with or without a tie and are generally single-breasted. The correct choice of fabric for a beach wedding would be either linen or cotton.

Colours like- white, beige, pink or light blue suit are great for beach weddings. They make you look dapper without making you sweat.

  • Winter-wedding suits

A tweed suit is perfect for winter weddings. They lean towards darker tones- charcoal, navy blue or black. These tones make a strong and edgy appearance.

A traditional winter wedding suit is well-fitted and accompanied with studs; French cuffs adorned with cufflinks; and black satin, grosgrain or velvet bow tie. 

Men certainly have a few options for weddings but a little extra styling and mixing and matching of elements can make anyone look dapper!

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K.D Master is one of the members of Bespoke suit making family in Australia and an exclusive fashion house. Our motto is just simple “PERFECT FIT”. We firmly believe that every customer is different and so their needs and therefore, we offer a wide collection of fabrics, colours and patterns to choose from and make them feel unique and special.

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